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Old fasion potato harvesting

Keeping it in the Family

Fred Bell bought the farm in Lewiston Maine in 1937, moving his family from Van Buren. Sons Emile, Herbert, Victor and Arthur all helped to create what is Bell Farms Inc.

Emile and wife Theresa's children Raymond, David, Camille, Suzanne, Michelle and grandson Shane have all contributed to the growth of Bell Farms Inc. Today we farm acres in Lewiston, Auburn and Durham. Our fields have rich soil along both sides of the Androscoggin river.

Today the Bell family is proud to have 3rd and 4th generations working together.
3rd generation - Raymond & wife Patricia Bell, David Bell, Suzanne Dostie, Michelle Bell
4th generation- Shane & wife Molly Bell, Maxemile Bell, India Bell

David, Raymond & Shane Bell

Hard at work

Pictured- left to right

3rd Generation David Bell, Raymond Bell

4th Generation Shane Bell

Old Photo Of Bell Farms in Auburn, ME 04210
Raymond Bell
Raymond and Shane watching irrigation
Cutting seed potatoes
Emile Bell
David Bell harvesting potatoes
Shoveling potatoes from storage

Who you will see at the Farm


Michelle Bell


Ericka Cofferen

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